Since the callout in WordPress 4.7.8,…

Since the callout in WordPress 4.7.8, there has been an explosion of Gutenberg feedback, such as this batch of insightful opinions gathered by Bob Dunn from various members of the community.

There also has been an increase in lengthier posts outlining detailed experiences with Gutenberg like this one from Eric Karkovak. Eric explains the pros and cons that emerge in the context of redesigning a brochure-style site. Conclusion: Gutenberg is “not there yet,” but it has a lot of potential. Eric feels sure “we are bound to see some really useful things” from the WordPress community as Gutenberg is used more.

Much talk of forking WordPress has sprung up in recent weeks, sparking articles like this one on forking as a feature from Gary Pendergast. In a similar vein, Morten Rand-Hendriksen argues that there needs to be an LTS (Long-Term Support) version of WordPress.

Have you wondered how to make your own categories for Gutenberg Blocks to help organize them better? Mika Epstein shows us how.

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