SiteGround CEO Tenko Nikolov writes about…

SiteGround CEO Tenko Nikolov writes about Spain’s massive growth in the WordPress community and SiteGround’s involvement there:

In 2018, Spain was the second most active country for local WordCamps, bested only by the US. Taking into consideration the population of the two countries, Spain actually had almost twice as many events per capita last year. When SiteGround launched its Spanish operations in 2015, there were only 3 WordCamps in Spain, including WCEU, and 9 meetup groups with 10,017 members in total (according to WordCamp Central registration). Fast forward to 2018 and we count 10 local WordCamps and 52 meetup groups with 24,862 members. This is an amazing 150% increase in membership and over triple the number of events!

It’s incredible how much growth has occurred in the WordPress community around the world. I like seeing focused campaigns like this, where a particular country and cultureΒ are the beneficiaries.

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