Some prominent sites have moved to…

Some prominent sites have moved to WordPress recently. 🧳

Basecamp‘s popular blog Signal v Noise switched to WordPress from Medium, noting that “three years ago [Medium] was a wonderful place and community for our kind of writing.” David Heinemeier Hansson says they  experienced a “massive boost in reach and readership” by moving to Medium, but “those days are over.”

Baremetrics has also migrated to WordPress from Medium. Founder Josh Pigford reported that “it was really enjoyable” there because “[p]ublishing on Medium is so effortless.” But with traffic on their own marketing site “taking a hit,” it made more sense to “own [their] original content” and keep it on their own site while still using Medium as a distribution channel.

The photography site Explorers is moving from Tumblr to WordPress. Christopher Michel says it came down to a matter of trust, and “we could not trust Yahoo any less.”

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