Some Tumblr news this week: Ilya…

Some Tumblr news this week: Ilya Kaminsky has been brought on board with Automattic to work on Tumblr as Director of Engineering, Ads. Automattic credits a new partnership with Hunt Club for the hire, no doubt one of several sources for talent in a competitive hiring market.

In addition, Tumblr announced Post+ which allows creators to get paid by charging a subscription for their blogs. Matt Mullenweg says he disagrees with people who say not much has been done with Tumblr since 2019. He pointed out, β€œ[I]t’s true a lot of the work has been behind the scenes, but that gives us a great foundation for new launches now.”

It appears some in the Tumblr community aren’t taking this announcement well with Amanda Silberling stating, β€œIt’s not a question of whether or not it’s valuable to support creators, but rather, whether Tumblr is capable of hosting such a service.” I believe it can, and more importantly, it probably must.

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