StackPath has acquired MaxCDN. If you use…

StackPath has acquired MaxCDN. If you use MaxCDN, it doesn't seem you will be effected in the short term, though based on what I'm reading today, a move upmarket might be in the works down the road.

StackPath was started by the same folks who started, ran, and sold SoftLayer to IBM for a reported $2 billion. They came, “out of stealth,” as TechCrunch put it today, and announced a fundraising round of $180 million for StackPath, and are immediately putting it to use with a whopping four acquisitions, which TechCrunch offers has a thorough overview of.

In addition to MaxCDN, they acquired Cloak (actually in April, a VPN service), Staminus (a DDoS mitigator), and Fireblade (a WAF). If I were Sucuri or SiteLock — both growing security services with most of these features, and prominent in the WordPress community — I'd have my eyebrows fully raised, and keen to see where StackPath is headed. There's no sign they'll go after WordPress, but they are overnight a big player in the security world (which I admit I don't know much about).

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