Steve Burge of OSTraining has announced…

Steve Burge of OSTraining has announced the acquisition of Daniel Bachhuber‘s Bylines plugin for his relatively new and recently rebranded WordPress-focused business, PublishPress. PublishPress provides an extensible base of useful features for any multi-user editorial workflow. If it reminds you of Daniel’s Edit Flow, that’s because PublishPress is based on the old Edit Flow codebase.

Steve has been running several successful businesses in the broader open source CMS and eCommerce space for quite a long time now. I’ve always appreciated his open reflections on what he’s learned along the way, as well as his unique perspective. Looking forward into 2018 he says “the difficulty level is absurd” in the WordPress space — where “the competition is at least 10 times as numerous and tough” as its peers.

Check out our interview with Steve for his take on the WordPress economy today. [DK]

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