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Dan Knauss
Gravity Forms 7.1 Beta 1 • the SpinupWP community • Dollie 2.0 • rtCamp's Easy Engine now with full custom Docker-Compose support • Metorik • Iconic • Do the Woo • Simple Ajax Chat Pro
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WooCommerce Subscriptions gets big upgrade

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Brian Krogsgard
WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.1 is out the door, after more than a year of development. It's a large upgrade and packs a ton of features, as highlighted on the features page. If you're interested in subscriptions for your website, or already run…

I’m going to have a much…

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Brian Krogsgard

I'm going to have a much more complete review soon, but I've been testing Metorik -- a new and in beta WooCommerce analytics SaaS from Bryce Adams -- and it is absolutely amazing. It's the most promising WordPress tool I've…
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