Give Post Status to Your Team

One of the best ways to show your appreciation for the WordPress Professionals on your team is by investing in their careers with a Post Status Club membership through our Team Membership option.

With the Post Status Team Membership, your WordPress team will be able to:

Keep up-to-date with all things WordPress

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to keep up with all the things happening in and around WordPress and the web in general. 

The Post Status Club newsletter summarizes the top events and topics –  including insights, analysis and digestible commentary. 

Your team will stay up to date without having to be on Twitter or other social media platforms all day. 

Connect with peers in the WordPress community

The Post Status Club includes everyone from designers to developers, support team leads, CTOs, CEOs, COOs and more.

Connect with others to gain support, advice, and guidance through the Post Status Club Slack community. Everyone can join in the conversation. 

Learn and Grow

We take personal and professional development seriously and want to encourage and empower you and your team to keep growing!

In 2020, the Post Status Club will be rolling out all-new and fresh member’s only content and events to help you and your team Learn and Grow, then Teach and Share. 

“I made the choice to purchase a Post Status Team Membership after two incredibly successful hires from the Post Status Job Board and a year of my own personal membership.

Post Status was such a rich source of information and community I knew the Valet team would benefit. It's been a great decision.

Our professionals are among peers and can discuss ideas or issues in a forum that houses the most engaged of WordPress' makers & contributors. It's a standard team perk from here on out.”

–Kimberly Lipari, CEO,

Team Membership Details:

  • Access to the member's only Post Status Weekly Club Newsletter
  • Access to the member’s only Post Status Club Slack
  • Access to Premium Online Events and Content, including Publish Online and more coming in 2020
  • Job Postings per year (a $198 value) — which are included in the Weekly Club newsletter. This is a well-known resource in the broader community for folks seeking employment.
  • Organizational Profile in the Directory — Each company with a Team Membership will be displayed on our website, with a dedicated organization listing (example), and on a page to recognize all Members.

Your team gets all this and more, starting at $799 per year for up to 10 members.

Invest In Your Team →

Invest in your team today with the Post Status Team Membership. Have any questions? Send us a note, we'll answer ASAP.