The Daily Stoic chronicles the “timeless…

The Daily Stoic chronicles the “timeless art” of journaling. They offering practical tips on how to begin journaling: start small, use your journal to start and review your day, and how to use the bullet journal method. Perhaps most importantly the why even to have one – it’s a place to bring your thoughts but a way to keep them for your future self and future relatives. “There’s no right way or wrong way. The point is just to do it.”


I’ve done some form of journaling on and off my entire life, recently returning to a print journal (although I keep one digital on Evernote as well). In this season of life it’s even more critical for me. I firmly believe it’s a best practice for leaders, for clarity on the here and now, and to be able to reflect and remember later (as I did when I found my journals right before starting iThemes).