The debut of Jetpack CRM was…

The debut of Jetpack CRM was announced at the Jetpack blog. It’s a “new customer relationship management tool built specifically for WordPress sites.” Jetpack CRM is a standalone plugin — not bundled with Jetpack — and has separate pricing starting at $11 per month.

This is the result of Automattic purchasing Zero BS CRM back in mid-August of 2019 alongside the Tumblr acquisition.

Mike Stott and Woody Hayday first launched ZBS in the plugin repository in 2016. Both co-founders have been working for Automattic since then.


I actually really like what’s possible with this. I have in fact been looking to replace Xero, as I only really use it for invoicing now, and do not currently use a CRM. Keeping my CRM inside of WordPress aligns well with the businesses I run. I think Automattic could really do well with this integration, and I’m glad to see it’s the Zero BS CRM that is being leveraged in this way.

I saw some complaints about the XBS acquisition being another example of Automattic gobbling up independent product use cases, but I’m not sure what people expect after they acquired a tool that accomplishes this. And given it is not bundled in the primary Jetpack plugin, I don’t think this is overly obtrusive. I’m excited to see where it leads.

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