The European Commission has granted WordProof…

The European Commission has granted WordProof €1 million by awarding the company first place in a blockchain competition for promoting social good. WordProof’s Timestamp Ecosystem aims to prevent fake news and verify sources through their protocol which they hope to establish as a global standard.  🌐

In addition to the competition winnings, they also received a grant from (the primary organization behind the EOS blockchain), as well as another loan. They have a plugin available now for WordPress websites, but the protocol can be used by other means as well.

WordProof was founded in 2019 by Sebastiaan van der Lans. A website using WordProof can offer a clickable link to view the certificate highlighting when it was published and how it changed over time. It is great to see investment going into online content integrity, and I hope WordProof is able to catch on. Some degree of wide usage and network effects is surely necessary for a protocol like this to stick.