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The New WooCommerce Agency Partner Program

Here’s everything you should know about the WooCommerce Agency Partner Program with their program manager, Mary Voelker. Key takeaways:

  • The WooExpert program started in 2015, and participants had to be invited and pay for a membership in it. Agency partners in the WooExpert program (currently around 75) were handpicked until earlier this year.
  • Now the WooExpert certification program is free to join, but the agency rankings (silver, gold, and platinum) get listed in the WooExpert Marketplace.
  • The certified silver, gold, and platinum agencies get free access to plugins and extensions for testing on the WooCommerce Marketplace — and their top customers are eligible for priority support.
  • The WooCommerce.com sales team matches and sends qualified leads to certified agency partners based on an assessment of each lead and their suitability for a specific agency partner.