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The Obstacle is Our Way — Together

A couple of thoughts on my mind: 

Never waste a good crisis: In terms of business, I’m reminded repeatedly: When everybody hunkers down, pauses or even rushes out … maybe that’s an opportunity to take their space and lean in. Reading The Obstacle is the Way in 2014 fundamentally changed my perspective and how I operate. 

The WordPress agency vista is refreshing and inspiring: As I continue to talk to more and more WordPress agency owners (four or so this week), I keep getting more excited and proud to be a part of WordPress and this community. WordPress changes lives. And these agencies are changing their clients’ lives with it and doing super cool stuff that blows my mind. From leveraging TikTok to big integration projects on dairy farms, it’s pretty incredible. I’ll be sharing their stories soon. 

Also, my quick survey in our #agency-owners channel about price ranges for client projects totally reset me … in a good way. The number of our agencies doing projects over $50K+ made my jaw drop and then turned into a big smile. 

WP innovation through products: I was really looking forward to catching up and interviewing James Farmer of WPMU Dev for a Post Status Draft podcast this week. He’s been in WordPress and products for a long time. I wanted to get his perspective and opinions on WordPress, plugins, and more — he delivered. 

I have a huge heart for our product founders as I know intimately the ups and downs and the sometimes unclear and rocky paths they navigate to keep delivering and innovating for their customers while managing their businesses.

I don’t want to promise something we can’t deliver. But we promise to be your place for connection and community — and to help share your voice. It’s an imperative. But to have that voice it means leaders stepping up to pull each other together, sharing experiences, exploring possibilities, and uniting around a shared vision and our core values. DM me if we can help you do that. 

– Cory

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