The road to 50% marketshare, and more

I’ve never heard of KitchenSinkWP — a WordPress podcast that’s 48 episodes in (shows what I know) — but this interview with Matt Mullenweg is quite good.

Of note, Adam Silver asks Matt about the road to gaining 50% marketshare for WordPress. Matt’s answer stands out as a nice roadmap of sorts of items — that he, at least thinks — we need to focus on for the software.

We want to get to 50% plus, and there’s a lot of work between now and then. I mean, as the percentage increases it gets harder and harder and harder to grow the marketshare. And we have to grow the marketshare sometimes by doing things we haven’t done in the past.

So really thinking about the onboarding process, really thinking about the integration with things like social networks, and with how WordPress works on touch devices — which is going to be the dominant computing platform of the future.

These things are really important, and so what got us here isn’t what will get us there.

Silver does a great job in this interview, and he has at least one new subscriber to his podcast.

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