The WPMarmite team has published a…

The WPMarmite team has published a survey whose results are based on asking 127 WordPress theme shops how they have been embracing the Gutenberg block editor with an eye to the future of Full Site Editing in WordPress core. The survey revealed:

  • 57% of theme shops feature Gutenberg compatibility.
  • Only 17% of theme shops offer custom Gutenberg blocks.
  • 3% of theme shops provide block patterns.

These numbers don’t seem particularly high or impressive at the moment, but we are still in the early adoption phase. Since the survey targeted “mostly independent shops and some on ThemeForest,” I feel they’re likely to hold back until Full Site Editing and other features are publicly rolled out. This seems especially likely for themes sold in highly competitive markets. Once the public absorbs the changes in core and their expectations for themes shift, the way themes are marketed will change too.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results of a similar study a year from now.

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