Theme team roadmap and surveys

Tammie Lister has created a roadmap for the theme review team, with steps she thinks they can take forward. It’s been a tenuous time for the team, and Tammie’s roadmap is excellent, I think.

She’s proposing five areas for consideration:

  1. Research: Surveys and testing. You can find surveys on the theme directory, the theme review process, and theme usability right now. Tammie specifically asked me if I could request feedback from my audience, so please take those surveys.
  2. Review: They intend to revisit the entire role and scope of work for theme reviewers. Likelihood would be to auto-approve themes upon them passing baseline tests.
  3. Directory: Action steps for the theme directory after the research phase.
  4. Education: Both for reviewers and the community.
  5. Design review and advanced theme reviews: I’d love to see design reviews especially. Also, advanced reviews would be requested human reviews beyond the automated version.

I’m pleased to see them taking feedback very seriously and creating a plan. Tammie is also proposing a name change, from the theme review team to the theme team, which I agree better fits their role these days, especially if they take a bigger part in the directory side of things.


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