Theming in the future

Kirk Wright recently spoke at a meetup about theming in the future. In it, he shares links to projects and information to support the talk, and through that I landed on Tango. He describes Tango like this:

I recently startedΒ building upΒ a starter theme called Tango, which attempts to bring everything we love and expect from Underscores, into a React-based and API-driven environment. Ultimately, I’d like it to become a sort of library of its own, that could be dropped into existing Underscores-based themes and handle as much (or as little) as a theme developer wants on the front-end.

Tango also relies on a little plugin called WP-API Theming, which fills some holes the current API lacks at this point when it comes to theme development. Anything theme-related specific to the API I’m just dealing with in there for now.

This is another fun resource that can go alongside Jack Lenox's talk and guides on building themes with the WordPress REST API.