Three years of the WordPress user survey results

Andrea Middleton published three years worth of the WordPress user survey results on the main WordPress blog. I’ll try and summarize the things that stand out. It’s worth noting that some variation is expected year to year based on samples, but for most questions there was impressive consistency:

  • The vast majority of users use WordPress as a CMS, not just for blogging (79074%). There was about a 4% increase in 2016 of people that use WordPress for a CMS rather than blogs.
  • More than 65% of people drastically change their site, about 8 or 9% do almost nothing to it, and the rest do non-custom changes.
  • Small businesses, individuals, and non-profits were by far the most popular client subsets. Large businesses, enterprise, and government only made up around 10%.
  • Most people use WordPress on desktops still, but more than 40% at least do some stuff on a non-desktop device.
  • Around a quarter of respondents were from the US. India was second with around 10%.

The information I saw wasn’t groundbreaking, but it was good to have. I hope this is data that can be more quickly provided in the future. I’m sure there are some folks out there who could make use of this, and if it’s going to be promoted on the website to take the survey, it’s nice for the community to have access to it. Thanks to Andrea and whoever else worked on getting it out.

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