Today is the last day to get a pretty cool Mailchimp course

So, Post Status is terribly manual. Almost nothing is automated. In seeking to change that, I decided to buy a Mailchimp automation course from Paul Jarvis, called Chimp Essentials. Hat tip to Jenny Beaumont for being the first to recommend me to read Paul’s great Sunday newsletter, and that newsletter lead me to this course.

I originally bought it so Katie could take it, find valuable content I’ve written in the past that’s pretty evergreen, and create a drip campaign for the free newsletter that I currently don’t market to at all.

It turns out I had a few things to learn as well… I consumed a handful of the videos and learned stuff in all of them, and I’ve been using MailChimp constantly for a year. I knew 90% of what Paul was saying, but some of that 10% changed everything about how I viewed Mailchimp, especially in terms of what I thought it couldn’t do that I was considering leaving it for (like auto-segmenting based on responses, purchases, etc).

I have renewed vigor to tackle Mailchimp and automate some of the stuff that I do. I know, for instance, that I can do a ton to make the onboarding experience better for new members. You are all a testament of patience, because honestly my onboarding is terrible. I can make it better, and this course helped me see how relatively easy it is.

I don’t really do this kind of promo, ever, but I told Paul how much help it was and he gave noted he has a program I could apply for that would give you guys another $30 off the course. So instead of $147, it’s $117. Sadly the whole course ends this round of sales today so if you’re interested, do it now. This isn’t meant to be a hard pitch, it’s more just how he set his stuff up and this is my first newsletter this week.

It’s also worth noting that I will get a kickback if you sign up because the deal was part of his invite-only affiliate program but that’s not at all why I’m recommending it. I’m recommending it because I realized how much money I’m leaving on the table, and I hope you’re not doing the same thing.

You can buy Chimp EssentailsΒ before the end of March 31st for $30 off with the discount code “POSTSTATUS” in all caps. I’m not sure when he’ll put it back up for sale. It comes with 32 short videos in six categories. The killer categories (in my opinion) are on automation, segmentation, and onboarding.

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