Two big 4.3 commits

I don’t often talk about specific commits to WordPress pre-release, but two went in today that are familiar topics, and it’s worth noting their inclusion in WordPress Trunk.

First, changeset 32814 includes the third part of the shared terms issue that’s been in process since 4.1. The parent ticket for this changeset is 30261. I’ve discussed shared terms here before, and Apply Filters covered the issue nicely in their latest podcast as well.

The second changeset of note is the inclusion of the menu customizer. Changeset 32806 shows the code changes based on ticket 32576. The customizer stuff has been well documented here and elsewhere, but this is the actual code, and now it’s in trunk.

These changes are relevant for 4.3, of course, because they will be impactful on the final release. But it’s also a good opportunity for you to get involved, as well as see what these changes look like beyond the blog posts people like me write about them.

I’m sure the team would love you to test these features, and be sure to click around, see the code, and the conversations around the two features.

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