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Welcome to the Uniquely You course by Cory Miller, Post Status partner and also co-founder of Leader.Team, where this course was first created and offered.

The goal of this course is to help you discover and unearth more about yourself — even things you take for granted because they come so naturally — so that you can leverage your unique traits in your life and work. 

These tools have been incredibly helpful for me personally, but they’ve also helped me be a better leader of others whose talents and experiences are different than mine.

At iThemes, I used the skills addressed in Uniquely You prolificly for over a decade. They helped me communicate and collaborate better. They also helped reveal how how our whole team could connect and contribute to our mission. 

My suggestion is you take each discovery tool one week at a time, so that you have time to digest and reflect on what you have learned:

  • Week 1: StrengthsFinder
  • Week 2: VIA Character Strengths
  • Week 3: Language of Apprecation

Once you’ve done an assessment, please share your results so we can discuss them in the Post Status #UniquelyYou channel


Here are the links to the assessments you’ll need to take for this course:


Download PDF Slides Here.

#1: Uniquely You – Introduction

Download Video: Introduction

#2: Uniquely You – StrengthsFinder

Download Video: StrengthsFinder

#3: Uniquely You – VIA Character Strengths

Download Video: VIA Character Strengths

#4: Uniquely You – Languages of Appreciation

Download Video: Language of Appreciation

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