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Video Picks

πŸ“Ή Here are my video picks of the week:

Podcast Picks

πŸŽ™οΈ Here are my podcast picks:

  • Start The Snowball is a Podcast for builders and creators “just getting started.” It’s hosted by Cory Miller and Brad Osborne. In the latest episode, they discuss a step-by-step method you can use to know exactly what people want to buy. Then you can know exactly what to sell and how to sell it without having to guess what your customers want. ❄️
  • Do The Woo hosted David Mainayar from PeachPay. David talked about entering the WooCommerce space and his competitors. (Automattic recently invested in PeachPay, apparently after David connected with Matt Mullenweg in Post Status Slack.) πŸ›’
  • Thunder Nerds got legendary web designer Jeffrey Zeldman to share his experiences, background, and lessons learned on his career journey. Zeldman also has some ideas for building a better bat cave. πŸ¦‡
  • WPMRR Podcast features Joe with Marc Benzakein, the Operations Manager at ServerPress LLC. They discuss opportunities for young startup founders and the best work practices to avoid burnout.
  • Distributed Podcast host Matt Mullenweg connected with Sid Sijbrandij to talk about GitLab, transparency and growing a distributed company. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»
  • Reverse Engineered featured Joe Howard sharing what he feels are the secrets to entrepreneurship. Learn about Joe’s early strategies for attracting new clients and why you should vet prospective clients to ensure they’re a good fit for your business. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό

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