We are WordPress As recently reported…

We are WordPress

As recently reported by The Tavern, Automattic’s marketing team has updated the company’s press page with a notice to journalists who are writing about Automattic:

Automattic owns and operates WordPress.com, which is a hosted version of the open source WordPress software with added features for security, speed and support. Please append “.com” when referencing our product name.

WordPress is open source software, which is written, maintained, and supported by thousands of independent contributors worldwide….

This is an attempt to clear up some of the branding confusion often seen in the media where WordPress the project, code, and community we often refer to as WordPress.org — and WordPress.com are not distinguished.

Sarah Gooding reports, “This update was prompted by a recent conversation on LinkedIn between Caspar Hübinger, who works as a digital marketer at Human Made, and WordPress.com CMO Monica Ohara.” 😄

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