We’ll fix it later

“[W]e all need help getting comfortable with the uncertainty of building software,” muses Matthew Ström.

To that end, Matthew offers these thoughts about finding the balance between the ideal of shipping beautiful code and the deadlines we actually have to meet. He has some great tips for making it easy to succeed and not just safe to fail:

  • Don’t communicate your goals with high-fidelity mock-ups of what you think your product will look like. [….] Instead, abstract your product down to the simplest representation possible.
  • Don’t communicate your goals with detailed long-term roadmaps. [….] Instead, reduce the detail in your plans as they get farther ahead, only defining the very near future in full.
  • Don’t commit to features. [….] Instead, commit to solving the underlying problem…
  • Don’t set goals that can’t be measured. [….] Instead, federate the measurement of success with frameworks and jobs-to-be-done.

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