What Can We All Do to Better Support Our Plugin Developers?

The recent discussions around the Active Installs data being removed from the WordPress Repo prompted a couple of questions I think we need to answer as a bigger WP community and particularly our members at Post Status.

As someone who lived in the WordPress product space for 10+ years and had free and paid plugins (found this from 2010), I resonate with the issues and concerns being brought up particularly by plugin developers.

In the spirit of Mark Zahra’s “let’s work together, not against each other,” what I want to do here is continue a constructive conversation and help us all make progress together β€” for the good of WordPress, plugin developers, and users.

My intention is asked in the spirit of Mark Zahra’s sentiment of “let’s work together, not against each other” and is simple:

To give voice to those awesome people and the countless others building WordPress plugins around the world, to help frame the conversation to be clear and constructive, in order to help us all move forward.

So to our WordPress plugin developers ….

What worries, concerns, problems, obstacles, challenges do you have creating, building, maintaining WP plugins?

What are 1-3 initiatives would you prioritize that would create a better, more sustainable environment for you in WP?

As always, keep it about the work, never personal. Talk about and share your experiences, not blame.

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