With the release of WordPress 5.8,…

With the release of WordPress 5.8, block templates have been on the minds of some developers. Rich Tabor has a great guide to building your first block template, and it explains how to leverage template parts within block templates. 🦮

For Rich this is clearly the dawn of full site editing:

“Block templates are absolutely how most of us will interface with templated content within WordPress in the future. Having the ability to natively edit a template provided by a theme, plus maintain that template even after switching themes, is honestly a game-changer.”

It appears that WPBeginner has launched a new plugin called Comment Moderation Role. It allows you to give users admin access only to the comment moderation screen. 🔌

“Unlike the WordPress default settings, a comment moderator is not required to be able to author posts, so you can keep your content secure.”

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