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Woo Weekly #400: State of WooCommerce 2022

Congrats to Rodolfo Melogli of Business Bloomer and David Mainayar at PeachPay for reaching issue #400 of WooWeekly back in July.

To celebrate this milestone, Rodolfo asked a lot of people (including me) to explain what one thing they’d change in WooCommerce if they could change just one thing. Most of the responses were not limited to a single feature but offered variations on the theme of simplify!

Along with David and Rodolfo, lots of other expert insights came in from Dave Loodts, Aleksandar Vucenovic, Diego Zanella, James Kemp, Michelle Eaton, Tommy Nguyen, Stephanie Pi, Daniele Besana, Maarten Belmans, Michelle Frechette, Marcus Burnette, Kim Coleman, and Dave Rodenbaugh.

Matt Mullenweg probably said it best with the fewest words:

WooCommerce is becoming easier for new users, while simultaneously becoming more scalable for developers.

Matt Mullenweg