WooCommerce was release four years ago.…

WooCommerce was release four years ago. It’s amazing. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was paying close attention to JigoShop at the time, and following the saga of WooThemes trying to come up with an eCommerce solution. The announcement back then dropped like a bomb. Beka at Sell With WP goes through the releases over the years and highlights changes in a really fun throwback post.

Also WooCommerce: I saw this landing page on SiteGround through an Automattic/Woo affiliate link in WooThemes’ monthly newsletter. The eCommerce bundle at SiteGround includes Akismet Plus and VaultPress Lite, so I can only imagine Automattic is getting a slice of that $19.95 every month — not to mention probably an affiliate fee upfront. It’s interesting to see such a catered landing page and plan, and I wonder what other implications that has. I haven’t seen a hosting deal that intertwined with Automattic before.

Speaking of, it’s been quite a while since those WordPress.org hosting partner applications were due. I’d bet SiteGround is on the list that shows up in the recs, but I don’t know for sure. Whoever does… is going to make some money.

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