WordCamp Europe kicking off

WordCamp Europe is kicking off, and I know many Post Status members are in Paris now. I hope everyone has a wonderful time!

The first official events are actually already over, with the conclusion of a two-day Community Summit. Attendance were limited, and we should start getting P2 updates of progress made at the meeting any time now. In the past, the event has been a fruitful one, but follow-up has always been a challenge.

This was the first summit in Europe, and I look forward to seeing the results. It appeared well-organized going in, as everyone was pre-assigned to teams, and they should’ve been able to hit the ground running.

Another fun development is the new CampSite theme designed and developed by the WCEU organizing team. It has a style guide that can be modified for other camps, and it should prove helpful for other event organizers.

Contributor day is before the main event this year, which I actually like. And the two-day main conference schedule looks great.

If you can’t be in Paris β€” like me, sadly β€” then you can still follow along via the free livestream.

Enjoy WordCamp Europe, everyone! I know dozens of people put hundreds of hours into organizing the event, and I’m sure it’ll be wonderful. I hope to make it next year.

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