WordPress 4.2 Release Candidate now available

The first release candidate for WordPress 4.2 is now available. If you’re unfamiliar with the stages of WordPress development, release candidates are intended to be the “finished” product for a WordPress release. You can now rest easy that the feature set is locked and this is the home stretch.

WordPress 4.2 is still on schedule for an April 22nd release. If you haven’t tested your code / plugins / themes on WordPress 4.2, now is the time to do it and get ready.

Specifically, a couple of core developers have asked commercial plugin developers to test their custom update systems with shiny updates. A lot of my audience make commercial plugins, so I hope you’ll ensure your update procedures work properly with the new update feature.

I’ll have a full post on the new features with the release of 4.2, but check out the official post for the release candidate for now.