WordPress 4.3 Beta and some fun features

WordPress 4.3 is chugging along toward it’s slated August release. Beta 1 was released on July 2nd. The release includes a number of big new features, and a couple of smaller features I personally am excited about.

The release post by release lead Konstantin Obenland highlights some major changes:

  • An unsung hero of this release cycle is the new password management flow. WordPress will be much safer thanks to the work in #32589.
  • The effort that has gone into supporting favicons, via the new “Site Icon” feature, is somewhat insane. I can’t help but think how silly it is the amount of work required to support favicons/icons across various devices and platforms. The patch is currently set for hitting the General Settings screen (screenshots), and a customizer version is in progress. I’m not sure if that will hit 4.3 or not.
  • Admin list views are getting more attention, in order to prevent truncation on small viewports.
  • The text editor continues to evolve nicely. The work on both the visual editor and text editor the last several releases has been awesome. The writing experience in WordPress continues to evolve; some basic inline markdown conversion is now going to be supported by default.
  • You all know the story of the menus going into the customizer, and it’s on schedule to be included with 4.3.

And there are some other changes that have gotten good feedback too:

This is, of course, just some of what’s happening in 4.3. You can see all Make Core posts tagged 4.3, and you should definitely start testing this release if you haven’t already.

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