WordPress 4.7 kickoff and ideas time

Right on the heels of WordPress 4.6 being released, it’s time to start thinking about WordPress 4.7. Helen Hou-Sandí is leading the release, scheduled for shipment on December 6th (those keeping score at home know that’s two days after WordCamp US, so contributor day will be a nice time for a final push).

It was announced in the developer chat today that Aaron Jorbin and Jeff Paul will be deputies for the release — Aaron in an engineering role and Jeff in a project management one.

If you want to have your ideas heard for 4.7, there is a thread asking for them. This has been a trend the last few releases, and while Helen may re-read comments from previous release idea-threads, your best bet is to put your ideas forward again.

There’s a lot that could happen this release, but of course there are no promises. I know Helen is interested in the new user experience, which she talked about a good bit in a recent blog post, and the Twenty Seventeen theme is likely to be released either with this cycle or the next. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see activity with the toolbar experiments feature project. And if I’m being hopeful, maybe we’ll have a renewed push for the REST API endpoints.

There are no guarantees of focus yet, and attention doesn’t guarantee something will ship with 4.7 either. However, if you are passionate about a feature, this is the perfect time to get involved.

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