WordPress 4.9.5 Beta is slated for…

WordPress 4.9.5 Beta is slated for April 3rd. There are three things of note, two of which are verbiage related I find interesting:

  1. The recommended PHP version is now going to be 7.2, instead of 7.0. I wonder at what point another conversation will happen around bumping the required version as well, to take advantage of newer PHP coding mechanisms.
  2. Hello Dolly had some sexist lyrics in it, which were brought to attention on Trac, and it was pretty quickly fixed; so WordPress will ship with new lyrics to the famous song. I found the discussion on Trac (if not everywhere else) constructive and a speedy fix process.
  3. Also in the verbiage realm, the “Cheatin’, uh?” message is finally gone. It was replaced with “Something went wrong,” and other more specific varieties where appropriate.Β Mel Choyce worked with copywriter Krista Stevens for nice, casual replacements. That message always annoyed me, so I’m happy to see the change.

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