WordPress 5.0 Beta 3 was officially released,…

WordPress 5.0 Beta 3 was officially released, and it includes an updated version of the Twenty Nineteen theme as well as the latest version of the block editor for Gutenberg. The previous default themes were updated as well.

Recently Gary Pendergast posted an updated WordPress 5.0 release schedule:

Beta 2: Oct 29, 2018
Beta 3: Nov 2, 2018
Beta 4: Nov 5, 2018
Release Candidate 1: Nov 12, 2018
WP 5.0: Nov 19, 2018

Gary notes that there might be “a few” WordPress 5.0.x releases on a two-week cycle or at least a relatively shorter turnaround than usual. This quick release cycle would help deal with bugs relating to Gutenberg after the 5.0 launch.

Gary also briefly covered some information for developers regarding block filters in WordPress 5.0.

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