WordPress 5.2.4 was released to address…

WordPress 5.2.4 was released to address at least six security issues. πŸ”’

The first release candidate for WordPress 5.3 is available now, as well. 🏁

Remember, this release includes and fully supports PHP 7.4! More information about 5.3 continues to be published as we near its official release:

  • In September, the WordPress Accessibility team tested WordPress 5.3’s Admin CSS changes against the Top 20 plugins on WordPress.org.
  • WordPress 5.1 introduced the compare_key parameter for WP_Meta_Query. Boone Gorges explains, “WordPress 5.3 expands the number of options available to compare_key, so that developers have access to meta-key comparison operators similar to those available for meta values.”
  • The PHP native JSON extension is required to run WordPress 5.3 and higher.
  • Jonny Harris reviews some new features and tweaks to Multisite and the Network Sites Screen.
  • Jonathan Desrosiers published some miscellaneous changes in 5.3 for developers.
  • Justin Ahinon shows how the new admin email verification screen works.

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