WordPress 5.2 is still (at the…

WordPress 5.2 is still (at the time of this writing) slated to arrive next Tuesday (May 7th). In the meantime, the second release candidate is out. We covered a lot of developer information for 5.2 in last week’s notes, but there’s still more to add:

👉 The latest version of Gutenberg (5.6) is out, and its changes will roll out with WordPress 5.2. (You can see them now if you’re using the Gutenberg plugin.) It brings some improvements to button block focus states and theming, and block mover controls for full- and wide-aligned blocks.

👉 Heather Burns shared some information about the privacy updates coming in 5.2. The privacy team shipped 15 bug fixes and nine enhancements, including the introduction of new privacy policy page helpers which Heather says was “the biggest win.” Now themes can easily style the Privacy Policy page.

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