WordPress 5.4.2 is a security and…

WordPress 5.4.2 is a security and maintenance release that rolled out on June 10. It features 23 bugfixes and enhancements. Make sure your sites are updated if that hasn’t happened automatically. One maintenance update was also deployed back to versions 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3. 📦

Of note: In 5.4.2, there is only a brief window of time to publicly view a comment that’s waiting for moderation after it’s submitted. “This change prevents search engines from indexing URLs that may contain spammy messages,” according to JB Audras.

This comes in response to changes in 5.1 that added an “awaiting moderation” screen for new comments. This allowed spammers to get an indexable URL that contained their unapproved messages. 🙅💬

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