WordPress as an enterprise contender

The Huge team blog has a recent post where they discuss the merits of WordPress as a proper CMS. One would think this battle is long won by WordPress, but the author gives a few reasons why the CMS doesn’t stack up, though they don’t say exactly what CMS is better.

I understand the sentiment of the Huge article, but a few things got to me. For one, their desire to MVCify WordPress bothers me. Their molding of WordPress to their development workflow versus working in the theme environment would add technical debt for the client they utilize it for.

Also, Huge jumps to particular options for how to settle issues — like WPMU for multilingual — without, perhaps, the best industry knowledge of what all is available.

Organizations that aren’t fully committed to WordPress, I think, sometimes make the mistake of thinking certain things are outside the realm of WordPress’s wheelhouse, when in fact they are not. And then, they take their general lack of knowledge of WordPress’s true potential and sweep it with a broad brush.

Perhaps this is partially because of a lack of the WordPress community members well expressing the platform’s true capabilities, but it’s also on the organizations diving in and making big assumptions with a shallow understanding of the overall ecosystem.

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