WordPress at Scale

The team at Pantheon has made a nice resource that doubles as smart marketing for a developer focused hosting product. WordPress at Scale is a website that aims to educate and provide resources to developers wishing to, well, scale WordPress.

Current topics covered:

  • Elastic architecture
  • Page caching
  • Object caching
  • Query performance
  • Search
  • Real-world architecture
  • Development and workflow

The topic list will grow, I presume. Currently each article is somewhat theoretical, right now without much code to show, and then the resource page provide links to tutorials for each topic. The content is quite meaty though; as this level of performance optimization isn’t my area of expertise, I’ve definitely learned from it already.

There’s a corresponding Github where you can contribute to the articles and propose new topics as well, which is cool. I also found the About page educational, as they discuss tools used, and I’d never heard of Github sync before, which allows you to manage WordPress content from Github Markdown files — fancy!

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