WordPress core needs a writing style guide

Does WordPress core have a voice and tone problem with its automated messages? That’s the argument from Fred Meyer on WP Shout.

He gives a compelling argument:

One of WordPressโ€™s greatest and most fixable weaknesses is its own use of words.

Words have power: power to define new usersโ€™ impression of the seriousness of WordPress and its creators; power to alleviate usersโ€™ frustration or aggravate it; power to provide information or smugly withhold it. WordPressโ€™s current written content sporadically disregards that power, making WordPress seem like a cheaper, more irritating, and less well-executed project than it really is.

As a recommended fix, Fred advocates for the creation of an official core writing style guide, similar to Voice and Tone. He makes a number of interesting points and uses a variety of examples from core.

Zรฉ Fontainhas also brings up a good point in the comments, citing that American colloquialisms can be lost on an international audience.

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