WordPress Market Grow Continues to Surge…

WordPress Market Grow Continues to Surge

Joost de Valk has updated his CMS market share analysis for June 2021 based on numbers provided by W3Techs. Joost notes that “a lot has changed again this year, in large part attributable to COVID-19.” 😷

WordPress overtook “None” (no detectable CMS) as the most used CMS on the planet. Other open-source platforms didn’t fare as well, but “if they continue their current trends, Joomla and Drupal will be the #4 and #5 CMSes in the world by this time next year.” The big winners were WordPress and Shopify.

Joost has some great charts and graphs, but it blows my mind a little that WordPress grew more in its CMS market share (+4.6%) in the last six months. That’s more than the total market share of the number two contender, Shopify, which stands at (3.6%). Bonkers! 🤯

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