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WordPress Podcast Picks for the Week of April 4

Lemon Squeezy always be sellin' šŸ‹ Patchstack's Oliver Sild at the Tavern šŸŗ Chris Ford on being an advocate for the underrepresented šŸ™‹ā€ā™‚ļø

My Podcast Picks

  • WP Builds: JR Farr and Gilbert Pellegrom from Lemon Squeezy talk about the company and selling products online. šŸ‹
  • WP Tavern Jukebox: Oliver Sild talks WordPress security and the recent the Patchstack report. šŸ”’
  • WPCoffeeTalk: Michelle gets to know Chris Ford, aĀ  project manager at Reaktiv Studios. ā˜•
  • How I Built It: Jack Kitterhing talks about open platforms and how finding the right tool comes down to skill and comfort level. šŸ”Ø
  • Gutenberg Changelog: Learn about Gutenberg 12.9‘s new features and enhancements, Gutenberg Example Repo updates, and implementing inline tokens for Rich Text.
  • WP Briefing: A brief discussion of our return to in-person WordPress events.
  • Matt Report: Joe Howard on stepping away as CEO of WP Buffs.
  • Dev Branch: Learn about the WordPress database schema and how things are stored in it.

My Video Pick

  • WordPress 6.0 Walk-through: This is a really nice (and first of it's kind) event where release squad members and contributors did a live walk-through of the major features in the upcoming WordPress 6.0 release. It appears to have been a success. There's been a transcript posted as well. šŸ“ŗ

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