WordPress and SaaS — Draft podcast

Joe and Brian discuss WordPress in the context of SaaS — or Software as a Service. They dig into WordPress as a tool for a SaaS within another industry, as well as WordPress-centric tools with SaaS based business models.

Welcome to the Post Status Draft podcast, which you can find on iTunesStitcher, and via RSS for your favorite podcatcher. Post Status Draft is hosted by Joe Hoyle — the CTO of Human Made — and Brian Krogsgard.

Software as a service (SaaS) is often viewed as a holy grail for successful online business. The ability to generate recurring revenue that doesn’t require hours-for-dollars is attractive to most entrepreneurs.

WordPress can be a helpful tool to get a lot of SaaS functionality out of the box. In today’s episode, we discuss WordPress and SaaS in two contexts: one, using WordPress as a technology basis for a SaaS in another industry, and two, creating a SaaS catered to the WordPress world.

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We mentioned the following SaaS products, and probably some others too.

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