WordPress support forums wrapping up migration

The WordPress support forums are wrapping up a migration and upgrade to bbPress 2.x. They have long been on old forum software and the migration was much needed. It has caused planned partial downtime for several days, but with something like 10 million posts it’s a huge project.

During the migration, some parts of the support experience don’t work. Also, the design is not currently the same as it will be in the future.

There’s a running task list where folks are reporting issues, and between those updates and another that update after weekend work, you can see a bit of what’s left to do. The new design, once fully implemented, will be a significant improvement.

Support forums are many people’s first experience with WordPress.org, so this is an important undertaking. If you are on .org support a lot, you already know about these changes. But if you rely on some of the bbPress 1.x features that aren’t yet migrated or working in bbPress 2.0, you might want to check in on your plugin and theme forums to see if there’s some catching up to do — assuming you provide or monitor support there.

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