WordPress, the conduit

From John James Jacoby, he discusses WordPress’s role as a conduit:

WordPress, the software, is a conduit for creativity, discussion, and innovation. You are introduced to it in such a simple way, but it’s potential is immediately recognizable so you can’t help but tinker with it and wonder what else it’s capable of.

I still remember this feeling, when I first had it. I still get this feeling. I always feel like I can solve so many problems with websites and software. It’s a great feeling. Actually doing it is a better one.

WordPress — and technology in general — can do many good things for the world. That feeling you had when you discovered the potential in making software is a great one to hold on to and remember years down the road when you may have gotten sidetracked from that early motivation.

All in all, we are in a wonderful industry with so much potential in the decades to come. We should be thankful for our place in it, and for the role the WordPress community plays as that conduit for realizing our potential.