WordSesh online conference is back, on July 25th

Brian Richards has taken over WordSesh from Scott Basgaard, and is hosting the online event on July 25th. It’s being revised from 24 hours to 12 hours, which should be a plenty big window for people around the world to tune in for at least parts of it.

Be sure to subscribe on the WordSesh website to stay in tune with the details. I always enjoy this event with the super high level community vibe and quality content. I know for a fact that Brian Richards is already working hard on it and it will be great.

We talked about this event and also about learning WordPress in general on the latest edition of the podcast, so give that a listen too if such a discussion interests you.

One new thing not mentioned in the podcast that Brian wants to encourage are viewing parties. If you run a coworking space and/or are part of a local meetup, he’d love to hear from you (email him with this link):

This year we would like to help you coordinate and facilitate a local viewing party. Because the only thing more fun than watching WordSesh is watching it with all of your fellow compatriots!

I think this is a fun idea for an extra way to add community to an online event, without the travel expense.

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