WPLift has sold for $205,200

WPLift — one of the most consistent WordPress blogs out there, which started in 2010 — has closed in auction on Flippa, at a price of $205,200. The sale price is about 2.75x the last twelve month’s revenue, which is quite a high multiplier.

It’s a good site with potential, but it’s highly reliant on affiliate revenue. Perhaps the buyer has a lot of ideas to utilize the site’s history and position in search, as well as reputation, to make changes that will increase revenues. But if not, it’ll take years to just pay back the selling price, which also assumes profitability.

I hope the new buyer will be involved with the project and that we’ll see it continue to succeed. I’m really curious about who bought it, and what their plans are. I’ll let you know what I learn about that.