🤝 Joining some recent #club conversations…

🤝 Joining some recent #club conversations in Post Status‘ Slack, Matt Mullenweg responded to a question involving acquisitions:

Automattic is also an active buyer and investor — happy to bring the entire team on if the best path is acquisition, and we have a few of those coming up soon, or also more than happy to support the business staying independent and invest in its growth. We’ve invested over 40M in independent companies in the past year.”

On the criteria for investing in companies, Matt said he and Automattic look for businesses aligned with their primary goals:

“It needs to be WordPress related and help make the web a better place… Automattic’s goal differs from WordPress’ by two words: To democratize publishing and commerce. I personally would like to do both. Core does not provide any commerce tools directly, but provides the best platform on the web to build on top of.”

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