5 Days Without a Shower

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Written By Michelle Frechette

4 thoughts on “5 Days Without a Shower”

  1. Excellent! A very well written exposé about the issues. And also providing great solutions as well!
    I particularly liked the idea of having someone on the committee whose job is to make sure all disability issues are met with no exceptions.

  2. Yes! Although not “legally” disabled, I’m just teetering on the edge. I had no idea the venue would consist of so many buildings so far away, or I would have requested a room closer to everything. As it was, I was as far away as it could get, and the walking was horrible for me. I also cried every night after returning to my room, and when I finally made the long walk to Contributor Day on Sunday, I cried when I got there, and had to ask for help. I was also almost incapable of using the toilet in my room because it was so low to the ground. I’d never seen one like it – It was like a child’s size. I can’t bend down that far without massive pain. I LOVED WordCamp and all the people, but it was difficult to sustain that love through all my misery and pain. The room itself was basically an old Motel 6 room. The outdoor grounds of the venue were beautiful. The hotel rooms were not. I’m ever so grateful to have been able to attend, so I don’t want to complain, but it is very important to be as inclusive as possible. I’m sorry you had to deal with that, Michelle. I feel at least some of your pain.

    • Thank you, Donna. I’m so sorry you struggled, too. Disability doesn’t have a “legal” definition – especially in our community. We all need what we need, and having better accommodations in place for one will make better accommodations for all. I feel your tears. I promise to stay on top of this so that we do better every time.

  3. This is so important, Michelle. I’m so sorry for the experience you had. It is not okay. I’m sure it put a damper on your ability to enjoy WCUS. Thank you for being a voice for yourself and others.

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