AB Press Optimizer wants to be your WordPress A / B testing solution

Ivan Lopez has released a new commercial WordPress plugin called AB Press Optimizer that’s aiming to be the de facto WordPress A/B testing solution. If you’ve never experimented with A/B testing, you’re missing out. I’ve seen results from theme and plugin sellers that are staggering, based on relatively small changes. There are some pretty good non-WP A/B testing tools, like Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer, but if you want to keep your tests within the WordPress admin, AB Press Optimizer might be the ticket. Pricing starts at $39.

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  1. I’ve used Optimizely in their early days. What an excellent solution which is just priced outside of my budget these days. I haven’t tested AB Press Optimizer and found the info on what their product does very sparse. Trying to decide whether it’s worth buying to test it out or not. Which other wp based testing solutions have you used?

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